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Personal Injury

Personal InjuryPersonal Injury

Whilst the law requires all of us to take reasonable and appropriate care of our own actions, it also requires persons in control of premises, a vehicle or an animal to take reasonable care in minimising or preventing harm occurring to other people who enter their premises or are in the vicinity of their vehicle or animal.

If you have been injured and believe it is the fault of another, you may have a personal injury case, our attorneys can assist in claims that you may have for injuries incurred as a result of a fall, accident or animal bite.

We will seek on your behalf monetary compensation for damages you have incurred due to hospital or medical expenses, loss of work earnings (including future potential loss of income), and pain or suffering.

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Your Dog, Cat or Cow (Even Your Bees) Could Cost You Millions - Our law will generally hold you liable for damages only if someone else can prove that you caused them loss/damage/injury through your “fault” (intent or negligence). That seems fair and logical – if it’s your fault, you pay. If however the loss was caused by your animal/s, you are in a much more dangerous position […]
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