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Family Law

Family LawFamily Law

Also called matrimonial law, is an area of the law that deals with family matters and domestic relations, and includes: marriage, civil unions, domestic partnerships, adoption, divorce, maintenance claims, etc.

In South Africa family law is more complicated than in other countries due to traditional marriages, and the recognition of religious marriages. e.g. Islamic marriages concluded in terms of Islamic religious law or rites.

The Family Law department can assist clients with:

  • Antenuptial and Postnuptial Contracts
  • Divorces
  • Maintenance matters
  • Variation of existing divorce orders, where possible
  • Protection orders
  • Advice on separation of parties involved in cohabitation relationships
  • General family law advice
  • Estate Planning

In divorce matters finalising a settlement and the practical implementation thereof is crucial. Certain repercussions of divorce, such as ongoing contact and access arrangements in respect of minors, maintenance payments and the settling of matrimonial property require highly skilled legal assistance to ensure that this trying time is settled quickly and efficiently and in the interests of both the minors involved and our client. We can assist and provide valuable information and efficient assistance with all of the above.

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