In the Wings – New ways to chase Maintenance Defaulters

Article_Maintenance-defaulters-wideThe latest amendments to the Maintenance Act, which was adopted on the 9th of September, will have maintenance defaulters clutching at straws.

The amendment is aimed at making it easier to enforce payment of arrear debts. Of particular significance is the provision which allows defaulters to be registered with credit bureaus, which essentially prevents them from obtaining further credit until the outstanding amount has been settled.

In spite of the fact it has yet be gazetted, the amendments have been welcomed with open arms and can be seen as a victory for society as a whole (unless you’re a maintenance defaulter).

Dean Pinto

Dean Pinto

Dean Pinto, a candidate attorney, joined Ashersons at the start of 2015. Dean has a particular interest in contract law, consumer law, drafting of commercial agreements, and administrative law.

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