Beasterizers Football Club, University of Cape Town

Soccer team with Partner, Rafi Weiner

“The Beasterizers” football team pictured with Partner, Rafi Weiner

For the past year Ashersons Attorneys have had the pleasure of sponsoring the notorious Bravehearts football team, also known as “The Beasterizers FC”, a soccer team made up of students from the University of Cape Town (UCT).

The Beasterizers have concluded the internal UCT Football League on a victorious note (finishing off with a 6-1 demolition over Premier League side “Sandenburgh”), both clinching the title of “First Division Champs 2015” and remaining undefeated throughout the season.

Such an achievement was not possible without the unwavering guidance of the teams manager, Joseph Simon.

Ashersons Attorneys have continued to show loyal support since 2013 and look forward to the upcoming season starting in February 2016.


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