Doing your Articles at Ashersons Attorneys

Choosing the law firm where you wish to complete your articles of clerkship is the first big decision that you’re going to make after finishing law school. If you are passionate about law and want a rewarding career as a lawyer, we should be your first choice.

We offer law graduates the opportunity to serve articles of clerkship with us over a period of two years. We believe in cultivating the knowledge and skills of our people to help them launch successful careers in law. In working closely with our Partners, we strive to ensure that each candidate attorney becomes a valued member of our team.

How to apply for Articles for 2020

March 2019 – We will begin accepting applications for articles commencing in January 2020.

8 May 2019 – We are NO longer accepting applications for articles commencing in 2020. 

early June 2019 – We will hold interviews with potential candidates.

June 2019 – We will make a decision regarding successful candidates and will send out an email to all who applied advising them of the outcome of their application.

Thank you to everyone who has previously submitted their application.